Natural Ways to Shrink Tonsils

By William Jackson

Tonsils are part of the human body's immune system, helping to prevent viruses, bacteria and germs from entering the body. Sometimes, however, tonsillitis occurs--when the tonsils themselves become inflamed or infected. This is typically marked by enlarged, swollen tonsils. Several natural remedies exist to help shrink inflamed tonsils, including the use of ice, echinacea and sage.

Doctor examining throat
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A doctor examining tonsils on a patient

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Ice pack
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A purple ice pack

A quick and easy start to naturally dealing with inflamed tonsils: ice the throat. Simply wrap a towel over ice cubes (or use a bag of frozen fruit or veggies snagged from the freezer). The cold may serve to counteract the inflammation, causing the tonsils to shrink.


White Echinacea With Water Drops at End of Petals
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A close-up of a white echinacea coneflower

Consider taking echinacea. This herb is known to boost immunity--which may help cure your condition, since your tonsils are likely infected themselves. Echinacea is a stimulator of bacteria- and virus-killing white blood cells in a process known as phagocytosis. Echinacea is available at any herbal or natural products store and can be taken as a tincture, a tea or in capsule form.


Sage tea
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Sage tea and sage leaves on a wooden table

Try taking sage, another natural, herbal remedy. Available from any herbal or natural products store, this herb can be added to hot water--then gargled in the throat, right at the heart of the problem. Sage contains many antiseptics, but, more importantly, is a recognized astringent; its tannins work to soothe and shrink the tonsils. Sage is also a natural antimicrobial agent.