Natural remedies for heartburn are as far away as your pantry or spice cabinet. Don’t waste your time taking over-the-counter medications that at best cover up the symptoms for a little while. Treat the burning sensation indefinitely using safe, natural foods. Learn which foods work best as natural remedies for heartburn.


Chew several raisins and swallow the saliva produced while holding the raisins in your mouth. The extra saliva created by the raisins helps to neutralize stomach acids and coats the esophagus.


Adding more parsley to your daily diet can prevent heartburn. Chew on a few sprigs or drink parsley tea once or twice a day.


Mix together a couple tablespoons of cumin and water. Boil and drink the mixture up to twice a day.


Slowly chew toast sprinkled with cinnamon to increase saliva. Heartburn should recede within a short time.


Chamomile tea has a relaxing effect on all parts of the body, including aiding in digestion. Drink an 8-oz. cup of chamomile tea at the onset of heartburn to provide quick relief.


Apple cider vinegar is usually the recommended choice, although any type will work. Take 2 tsp. of vinegar at the onset of heartburn; it will burn at first, but the pain from heartburn should lessen within a few minutes.


Take a spoonful of honey to ward off heartburn symptoms. Honey is not only healing for the esophagus–it also helps to soothe the acid in your stomach.

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Heartburn Remedies