To enhance your natural beauty, you don’t need heavy foundation, dark blush, a dazzling array of eyeshadow colors or glittery powders. Makeup that looks natural shows that you have nothing to hide.

The Art of the Natural Look

The next time you see your favorite actress on film looking naturally glamorous as she tumbles out of bed, don’t be disheartened: achieving the appearance of natural beauty takes hard work. For the movie “Twilight,” makeup artist Van Phue submitted numerous sketches of how to obtain the perfect “natural look” for the character of Bella. This involved finding a waterproof foundation (SK-II AirTouch Foundation) that didn’t run or streak in the rain, and using a variety of pressed powders and blushes, including two shades of lipstick and three different eye shadows to give Bella the appearance of having “melting chocolate” eyes.

Therefore, achieving a natural makeup look can mean applying just as many cosmetics as you usually do, and sometimes more. Just remember the simple rule: less is more.

The Natural Face

Think of your face as a canvas. However, instead of painting it with heavy oils, use sheer watercolors. Women with a naturally good complexion should never need to trowel on heavy foundation, not even for an evening event.

Like a good artist, simply rethink what tools to use. Instead of foundation, opt for a barely-there look provided through Laura Mercier’s Tinted Illuminating Moisturizer and Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20, which comes in an oil-free formulation. This product gives just enough coverage to even out slight imperfections and leaves skin with a fresh, dewy glow.

Similarly, concealers are a requisite for the woman who wants to camouflage dark eye circles. Avoid concealers that look cakey or that look greasy after a few hours of wear. A good, semitransparent concealer is Yves St. Laurent’s Touch Eclat. This handy concealer pen provides just enough color to hide dark eye circles and small lines on the forehead and around the mouth.

When it comes to selecting blush, choosing the right hue is imperative to achieving a natural look. If you’re in a quandry, conduct a simple experiment: What color are your cheeks when you come in from the cold or after you engage in physical exertion? Your blush should match your “flush” as closely as possible.

Sheer cream blushes that highlight the apples of your cheeks do a better job of creating a natural just-came-in-from-the-cold look. Two great blushes that create a sheer look are Paula Dorf’s Cheek Color Cream and Vincent Longo’s Water Canvas Blush.

Eyes and Lips

Create a natural-looking eye by using mascara only while avoiding thick eye pencils and liners. Mascaras are formulated for specific purposes, some give a dramatic, thick-lashed look, while others simply lengthen and separate the lashes. If you want shiny, long lashes consider using a mascara such as Sephora’s Professional Clear Mascara, which adds no color to your lashes but gives them an extra boost and soft sheen (this can also be used to shape and define eyebrows). Or use one layer of mascara that most closely matches the shade of your eyelashes.

For natural-looking lips, heavy lip-liners and matte lipsticks are out, and stains, sheers and glosses are in. Choose the shade of nude pink that’s closest to your lip tone. Two good cosmetics to try are Vincent Longo’s Lipstain SPF 15 Lipstick and Baby Balm, which come in a variety of lip-toned hues.