Natural Homemade Skin Lightener

By Jane Peterson

Natural skin lighteners can be made at home, making them an affordable option for those who want to lighten their skin color. This type of recipe must be used on the skin daily, and creating a new batch every week will ensure that your homemade skin lightener contains active and fresh ingredients. While natural skin lighteners are effective, some of the ingredients may be irritating to sensitive skin, and it can take many weeks before any noticeable skin lightening effects occur.

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To create your natural homemade skin lightener you will need plain white yogurt, two liquid vitamin E capsules, apple juice, lemon juice, one large strawberry, a glass mixing dish, a spoon or pestle and a small glass container with a tight-fitting lid.

Plain white yogurt is rich in lactic acid, an ingredient that has skin-lightening effects; white yogurt is also soothing and moisturizing to sensitive skin. Vitamin E has strong antioxidant properties, which stimulate cell renewal and reduce skin blemishes that may be contributing to darker skin tones. Apple juice contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids, which increase cell turnover rates, and it has mild skin-lightening effect. Lemon juice is a strong skin-bleaching ingredient that lightens skins through its acidic properties. Strawberries contain mild alpha-hydroxy skin-lightening ingredients.

Making the Lightener

In a small glass dish add 1/4 cup of plain white yogurt. Mix in 2 tbsp. of apple juice and 2 tbsp. of lemon juice. Crush one large strawberry and add it to the mixture. Empty the contents of the two vitamin E capsules into the mixture and mix well (a spoon can be used to mix the ingredients, but a pestle may blend the ingredients more efficiently).

Place the homemade skin lightener into a small glass jar with a tight-fitting lid and let it sit in the refrigerator for at least two hours; blend the ingredients together once again before using the lightener. A fresh batch of lightener should be made once a week; store the lightener in the refrigerator.

Use the lightener every day and leave it on the skin for at least 30 minutes. Skin-lightening effects from homemade lighteners may not be noticeable until after 6 to 12 weeks of daily use. Once the skin begins to lighten, the product may be used two to three times a week to maintain lighter skin tones.


Homemade skin lighteners that contain lemon juice can irritate sensitive skin. If you are suffering from a skin condition such as eczema or rosacea you should not use this product. If the product produces a burning sensation on the skin, then it may be too strong for your skin type and you should no longer use this product. Homemade skin lighteners may also cause increased sensitivity to sun; always wear sun block if you are using a skin-lightening regimen.