Modern television shows like “Sex and the City” have made cocktail hour a popular pastime for women, but long before the ladies were ordering Flirtinis on Friday, men were kicking back with a cocktail after work. In the early 1960s men like James Bond began appearing on the silver screen, making cocktails even more popular with their suave approach to manly pursuits. Today, men’s cocktails are as popular as ever.

The Martini

Made popular in the early 1960’s by James “shaken not stirred” Bond, the martini is a blend of vodka, vermouth and olive juice. Though many variations on the theme exists, none are as essential to the spirit of suave lady’s man than the dry martini, Bond’s preferred potable. Today, whether shaken or stirred, with olive or without, the martini continues to be the drink of choice for men around the globe.

The Old Fashioned

A blend of bitters, sugar-water, bourbon, cherry and orange, the Old Fashioned is the quintessential men’s cocktail. According to Forbes, the word cocktail was first used in 1806 and was taken to mean any alcohol mixed with bitters, sugar and water. No cocktail comes closer to embodying the spirit of the cocktail by its original meaning than the Old Fashioned. Garnish this classic men’s cocktail with a cherry and serve on the rocks.

Tom Collins

A pleasant mix of lemon, sugar and gin, the Tom Collins is a refreshing men’s cocktail for those hot summer nights. This cocktail is lemonade for grown men, with every bit of that sweet and sour kick lemonade is known and loved for. Toss in a few ice cubes and some lemon or lime slices and the Tom Collins is the perfect party cocktail.


An all time men’s favorite, the Screwdriver is nothing more than simple orange juice and vodka concoction. Despite its hard hitting name, no cocktail beats the Screwdriver’s ultimate simplicity. Anyone can mix the Screwdriver at home and enjoy in a matter of minutes, no special techniques or exotic ingredients required. Garnish this crowd pleaser with a wedge of orange and serve chilled.

Mint Julep

A cocktail harkening back to Rhett Butler, the Mint Julep is a southern aristocrats cocktail that’s made its way north and into bars around the world. This potable is a simple blend of gin, sugar, water and mint. Garnish the Mint Julep with lime and sprigs of mint and serve over ice. Variations on the Mint Julep include the Mojito, made with rum, and the Whiskey Smash, made with bourbon.