The fizzy, sweet taste of cola and the often bitter or oak-like taste of alcohol have long made the two ingredients a tasty match. Many different types of alcohol blend well with soda, so there are dozens of potential flavor combinations that can be created when making mixed drinks with cola.


The basic whiskey and cola combination contains one part whiskey and five parts cola, but there are many variations on that theme. Premium whiskeys can be substituted for lower-priced whiskeys and diet cola can be used instead of high-calorie soda. You can also garnish your whiskey and cola with a slice of lime.


There are as many rum and cola drinks as there are different types of rum, and many mix particularly well. The most basic version contains 1 1/2 parts light rum to 5 parts cola. However, dark rum or spiced rum can also be used. For an additional kick, try 151-proof rum with cola. There are other variations on the theme, such as the Coppertone, which combines coconut-flavored rum and cherry cola.


A standard vodka and cola mixed drink contains one part vodka and four parts cola. The Skinny Bitch is the name given to a popular cocktail containing vodka, diet cola and a lime wedge. Another popular version of a vodka and cola mixed drink is the Colorado Bulldog. To make this drink, combine an ounce of vodka with an ounce of coffee liqueur and a splash of dark cola.

Other Cocktails

There are many other mixed drinks that can be made with cola. Among the most popular is a Long Island iced tea, which combines, vodka, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec, sweet and sour mix and cola. Other choices are the Apple Coke, with apple pucker and cola, or a Fuzzy Cola, with cola and peach schnapps. Another combination results in the cocktail called the Dr Pepper. This mixed drink combines half a can of cola, half a beer and a shot of amaretto liqueur.