Mixed drinks are beverages containing two or more ingredients. They can be alcoholic, based on a certain type of spirit with added juices, other alcoholic beverages, fruits or garnish, or alcohol-free. The variety of different mixed drinks makes them appropriate for any type of occasion; one type of mixed drink will work well at casual parties with friends, and another will be perfect for a fancy dress party.


Cocktails can be alcoholic or nonalcoholic. Alcoholic cocktails are divided in groups depending on which spirit is used as the base. Often, rum or vodka is the base ingredient, but there are other types of cocktails as well. To make a cocktail, mix at least one basic juice or fizzy drink with the base spirit. Commonly added ingredients in cocktails are ice, sugar, honey, milk, cream and various herbs. Popular cocktails include the margarita, the sex-on-the-beach and the pina colada.


A punch is a mixed drink, either alcoholic or nonalcoholic, prepared with pieces of fruit left soaking in it. Alcoholic punches are often rum-based, but they are sometimes prepared with bourbon as well. One wine-based punch is sangria.


A cooler is a wine-based mixed drink. It is usually made with white wine; commonly added ingredients include orange juice, carbonated drinks and sugar. A cooler made with white wine and soda is called a spritzer. Coolers made with red wine usually include cola or an orange fizzy drink as an ingredient.


Flip is an alcoholic mixed drink based on liquor or wine but always including a beaten raw egg, sugar and powdered nutmeg. It can be served hot or cold. The term also describes a sailor’s drink, made with rum or brandy, mixed with beer and sugar, and always served hot.