Breathe new life into your medium-length locks with fashion forward styles that can be mastered at home with minimal time and expertise. Hair that falls at the shoulders provides ample styling opportunities, as it is a manageable length to create looks that will complement both your face shape and features.

Shoulder Length Layers for Round Faces

Minimize full cheeks and slim features by adding face framing layers to a medium length haircut. Layers can create the appearance of higher cheekbones by creating angles, and a below-the-shoulder length will make the face appear leaner and longer. The addition of brow grazing bangs can draw attention to the eyes. Alternately, an off center hair part will also work to downplay a round face shape while capitalizing on other features.

Soft Waves for Square Faces

Soften an angular jawline and broad forehead with delicate waves and wispy bangs. Square face shapes can benefit from cascading waves that can be created using styling gel on damp hair with a curling iron. Longer bangs angled around the forehead can lend a more elongated look to the face’s features, and stylized waves can add movement to medium-length locks. Consider highlights to break up a stagnant color and add depth to the look.

Blunt Cut for Diamond Shaped Faces

Faces that feature high cheekbones and a narrow jaw can frame features with the addition of blunt cut bangs and a sharp cut. Sleek, straightened hair that falls just below the shoulders will shorten long faces, while bangs play up broad cheekbones. Angling hair for more volume and length in the front can downplay a narrow chin to strike a balance between fragile features. A blunt cut can also be razored at the ends for a modern approach.

Side Swept Bangs for Oval Faces

Oval face shapes can work with a variety of bang types, but side swept bangs remain an enduring favorite for their versatility and feminine style. Bangs can be cut straight and kept long to part to the side and tuck behind the ear, or lightly curled with a round brush and blow dryer to fall gently into a medium length hairstyle. Side swept bangs can be accessorized with chic hairpins and headbands to compliment the look.