The word cellulite is not a scientifically recognized term. It was created by the French and sustained by the cosmetic industry as a description for the dimpled, rippled fat that forms around the thighs, midsection and buttocks. Although fat is a natural part of the human body, excess fat can lead to health-related issues. Cellulite is especially difficult to eliminate due to the fat’s structure. However, as you tone and slim, cellulite becomes less visible. Massage techniques boast cellulite removal without having to undergo painful surgeries.

Massage Theory

Various massage therapists and spas offer intense, deep tissue massages that if maintained on regular basis, are designed to remove cellulite. The theory behind massage for cellulite removal is that manual kneading combined with lymphatic drainage can result in the smoothing of soft tissue and cellulite elimination. The deep tissue pressure works to flatten, even out and break up cellulite deposits. However, this theory has not been definitively proven. Massage for cellulite removal can improve circulation and blood flow to troubled areas, thereby preventing the formation of cellulite. If lymphatic circulation is poor, thickened fibers bind to the collagen that runs through your fat cells, resulting in thick strands that apply pressure to the fat. As the fat bulges upward, it creates a cottage cheese-like effect.


Massages for cellulite, like a regular deep tissue massage, can reduce fluid build-up from lymphatic problems; however these techniques have little effect on cellulite. Although some people have reported results in the short-term, cellulite will return if not supported with the proper diet and lifestyle. Massages for cellulite removal can be painful and even cause bruising.


Massages for cellulite removal functions similarly to a regular deep tissue massage. Sessions last approximately one hour. Clients remove clothing and lay on a padded massage table with a sheet. The massage therapist will only expose the section of the body that they are working on. The cost of a cellulite removal massage can range from $75 to $300 an hour. It is important to note that different massage therapists and manual techniques will produce varied results with each massage. The only way to truly produce consistent results is to undergo a massage using a mechanical device, such as those used in endermologie.


Endermologie is a high voltage massage for cellulite removal, using a machine with spinning rollers. The rollers spin, suck and stretch cellulite-ridden areas, attempting to achieve the same results as a manual massage. Similarly to manual massage, bruising and soreness are expected due to the vigor of the machine. Endermologie can also increase blood flow and increase lymphatic circulation to loosen connective tissues and break up fat cells. Clients report seeing the break up in the fatty consistency of their stools. Endermologie needs approximately 14 sessions to see results and costs approximately $2,000. Before undergoing any kind of massage for cellulite removal, it is important to consult your doctor or a massage therapist.