Mangoes are both delicious and healthful; the fruits of this tropical tree are rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. Mix mango juice or puree with your choice of alcohol to make a mango cocktail. Pair mango drinks with spicy food like currys, or just enjoy them on their own.

Puree-based Drinks

When mangoes are in season, blend peeled, pitted mangoes to make mango puree. Mix the mango puree with pineapple juice, light rum and crushed ice to make a mango daiquiri; season the drink with lime juice and sugar to taste. For a mango margarita, blend the mango puree with tequila, triple sec, lime juice and ice, then strain it into a glass. Muddle a glass of mint leaves, then shake them with rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, ice and few tablespoons of mango puree to make a mango mojito.

Juice-based Drinks

For a simple mango martini, mix one part vodka with two parts mango juice. Shake the drink with ice, strain it and serve. For a mango cosmopolitan, use one part mango juice, one part cranberry juice and one part vodka; add triple sec, lime juice and powdered sugar or simple syrup. To make a mango Swizzle, mix the mango juice with rum and orange liqueur, then season it with lime juice. Add a few dashes of grenadine if you have it; if not, add simple syrup or powdered sugar to taste and stir the drink with ice.