When selecting makeup for a Hawaiian-themed party, you can go natural or smokey, colorfully dramatic, or fun and quirky. As with your everyday makeup, take your complexion and eye color into account to get the most flattering look, whether donning a beach-babe bikini or a luau-worthy flirty sundress.

Go Natural or Smokey

For a natural or smokey beach-worthy look, select a brown eye palette, which is generally complementary for all complexions. Gold and brown shadows are good for fair and medium tones, while darker-hued browns, black and plum shadows are best if you have a darker tone. Use a mascara and eyeliner that makes your eyes slightly defined without being overwhelming. If you have a fair complexion, use brown eyeliner and mascara, and use a black mascara and eyeliner for darker and medium complexions.

Try Colorfully Dramatic

For colorful and dramatic tropic-inspired eye makeup, use pink, yellow and purple if you have blue eyes. Blue, purple, orange and browns work well with brown eyes. Pink, blue and rose work best for green eyes. Applying your eye shadows in a way similar to a flower petal — with lighter colors at the inner eye corner and the darker or brighter colors applied on the eye crease — make the most of your Hawaiian look. Using a thickening and lengthening black mascara and eyeliner make eyes pop. Outlining brows in brow liner may give an even more dramatic look.

Select Tropical Lip Colors

Consider tropical flower colors when choosing a lip color. If wearing a lei or a flower in your hair, match your lip color with the flowers. Flattering lip colors and blush for darker complexions are rose and orchid. For medium complexions, a coral or rose will be the most complementary. For fair complexions, cherry blossom pink or peach blossom will complete your sun-kissed look.

To protect skin from sun damage, always use a foundation with an SPF of at least 15 when attending a daytime Hawaiian party.

Consider Fun and Funky Face Paint

For an added tropical twist to your makeup, consider creating flowers, seashells, fish or other sea life. You’ll need face paint, brushes, a mirror and a reference picture. It’s optional to use a reference picture, but it is helpful to have one — and better yet, an artistic friend to help. Be patient when applying face paint, as each color must dry a moment before applying the next color.