Makeup styles of the 1970s ranged from Farrah Fawcett’s natural look in Charlie’s Angels, to Bianca Jagger’s sophisticated glamour photos from Studio 54. A classic look for day included a tan face, rosy cheeks and frosty pink lip gloss. More intense colors were worn for a night out at the disco.

The Fresh Face

Since a natural tanned look was “in,” face makeup was kept to a minimum in the 1970s. Women wanted the opposite of the heavy coverage that matte foundations and pressed powders delivered. Liquid foundation was used, in lightweight or even transparent formulas. This type of face makeup allowed skin to show through — for a dewy, natural looking glow.


Eyes were the most emphasized facial feature in the 70s. Shimmering pearlescent blue and green shadows were worn regularly. More neutral colors, like pinks and browns, were also popular. Eyeliner was also worn in neutral shades, and not applied too thick. The 70s weren’t a big decade for mascara. Lengthening formulas were used sparingly, because lashes were meant to stay more natural looking. There wasn’t a demand for thickening formulas.


Women wore blush or bronzer in the 70s to help get that sun-kissed glow. Creamy rose, baby pink and peach were popular colors. When blush was applied lightly, cheeks looked natural with just a hint of color. It was also common, however, for blush to be applied more heavily. Left unblended, blush often looked streaky. Gel and cream blush formulations delivered the right shiny look, as opposed to a powder blush’s matte finish.


The 70s lip was typically glossy, frosted or nude. Lip gloss and lipstick had a shimmering quality. Natural shades were popular, such as light pink and peach. Lip colors worn to discos were a bit darker. Bright hot pink or deep red were trendy for night, rather than everyday. Lipliner was used sparingly, if at all. It was well-blended, and applied within the natural lip line.