Uneven skin tone can be a matter of hyperpigmentation or overexposure to the sun. As a temporary fix, makeup can cover up skin discoloration and even out the complexion.


Foundation and concealers are readily available makeup products that can hide skin discoloration. Concealer can be the same or a shade lighter than the overall color of the skin. It should be applied directly to problem areas to correct hyperpigmentation. Layer foundation on top of concealer for more coverage. Unlike concealer, foundation should be as close to the color of the skin as possible for unnoticeable coverage.


Both foundations and concealers come in liquid, solid stick, cream, or powder forms. Women and men can choose from the different types based upon how easy or difficult they are to apply. Powder foundation, for example, might easily cover discoloration in the nose area, but solid stick foundation might be more appropriate for discoloration on the neck or jawline.


The formula of the makeup can make a difference in its ability to provide lasting coverage. Consider a waterproof formula for hours of coverage. Also, some makeup contains sun protection in the form of SPF. These formulas can help protect the skin from further irritation due to sun exposure.