Applying makeup is an art form for many people and having the proper tools for makeup application makes all the difference. Makeup brushes come in a variety of styles and types; each one serves a specific purpose in the process of makeup application.


Makeup brushes are used to apply foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick and blush to the face.


Makeup brushes can have synthetic man-made bristles or natural bristles. Natural bristles in makeup brushes can be made from pony, goat or badger hair.


Styles of makeup brushes include a tapered blush brush for applying blush to the cheeks, a small rounded concealer brush to provide coverage in small areas and a rounded all-over face brush to blend in concealer or bronzer.


Using makeup brushes is a sanitary way to apply makeup. Brushes blend and buff makeup like mineral concealer or foundation into the skin, creating a natural complexion.

Eye Shadow Brushes

Eye shadow brushes come in many forms: with rounded or flat edges, tapered or pointed, and with synthetic or natural bristles. Some eye shadow brushes can be used wet to apply eye shadow as a paste.

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