When it comes to wearing earrings, piercing isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. Magnetic and clip-on earrings are alternatives to traditional versions. Both types also give you the ability to wear larger earrings without weighing down pierced earlobes. However, before deciding between the two types, you should understand the differences and various benefits of each.

Magnetic Earrings Defined

As the name implies, magnetic earrings are fastened with magnets. They are designed to mimic the look of traditional pierced earrings; the difference is that they use two magnets to hold the accessories in place. One magnet is placed on each side of the ear lobe. The downside is that the pieces may not fasten together as securely as pierced earrings.

Clip-On Facts

Clip-on earrings offer similar benefits to magnetic versions, in that you don’t necessarily need pierced ears. The biggest difference lies in the way they’re fastened. Clip-ons are sturdier than magnetic earrings, which allows you to wear bigger styles. Magnets can be ultra-trendy, but they may not be able to stand the weight that clip-on versions can. One of the biggest complaints of clip-on earrings is that the snug fit can hurt your ears, no matter what sizes you wear.

Purported Health Benefits

Both magnetic and clip-on earrings may be a healthy alternative to piercing the earlobes. However, some marketers for magnetic earrings take the health factor a step further by saying these ear accessories are associated with weight loss. Some acupuncturists believe the earlobes are points that can be activated by magnets. The Federal Trade Commission’s Richard Cleland told “Family Circle” that there is no evidence to support such claims. If you like magnetic earrings, wear them – but not in the hopes of losing weight.


Jewelry is a fun way to accessorize your outfits; however, there are a few downsides to these types of earrings. Magnetic earrings pose a risk of coming apart during use because they aren’t fastened together. Don’t substitute magnetic earrings for a traditional nose ring, as this poses a danger of accidental inhalation. Also take care in choosing the weight of your earrings. Over time, heavy earrings of any style can stretch out your ear lobes and make you look older.