Before this season’s most popular style trends land on the pages of your favorite magazines and on half of the urban population, they spend a few days on the show room floor at MAGIC Market Week in Las Vegas where designers, retailers and every industry professional in-between go to predict the future for international fashion.

The Greatest (Fashion) Show on Earth

Every August and February, the fashion world’s best known retailers and designers converge on the Las Vegas Convention Center for MAGIC, the largest, most influential trade show that has ever happened to the international fashion industry. Think of it like the Stock Exchange meets a flea market meets LinkedIn. The show — which began in 1933 by the Men’s Apparel Guild in California, hence the acronym — occupies more than 250,000 square feet of exhibit space and is crawling with nearly 5,000 different brands pushing all things apparel including clothes, shoes and accessories to as many as 35,000 retail buyers.

Anatomy of a Fashion Mart

Conventional wisdom suggests that the genesis of most street style is found on the runways of Paris, Milan and New York, but MAGIC is where first-time brands get an opportunity to be seen by the major retailers of the world, and in turn, by the masses.
It’s also where established designers and retailers like Missoni and Target form collaborations and where celebrities who are venturing into retail go to launch their brands. MAGIC Market Week does an estimated $200 million in per-day order volume; that’s more business in a day than at any other fashion event.

It’s Not Just How You Look — It’s Who You Know

Closed to the public, MAGIC is an unparalleled networking opportunity for anyone in or in support of the fashion industry. Aside from the business deals, it’s where creative types get to mingle with business types. Fashion industry professionals such as agents, suppliers, exporters, technology providers, sewing contractors and fabric suppliers swap cards with music producers, singers, rappers, models, bloggers and photographers.

The Future Focus of MAGIC

Now the magic never has to end thanks to the installation of the new MAGIC online trade show platform, Shop The Floor. This online marketplace hopes to reinvent the trade show space by extending the buying season through the entire year.
Already touted by MAGIC execs as “the largest social network for fashion in the digital space,” the site showcases 4,000 products through private digital showrooms to its 60,000 registered buyers.