According to Clemson University, lunch should account for one-third of your daily nutritional needs. In spite of this, many people routinely skip lunch. Most lunch options are not only expensive, but unhealthy as well; for example, fast foods. Exploring lunch box ideas for adults puts taste and nutrition back into your daily lunch break. From the lunchbox containers used to the foods placed in them, it is time to look forward to lunchtime again.


Sandwiches need not be boring. Mix it up with the choice of breads and fillings. Do away with bread all together, using bagels, pitas or tortillas instead. Fill your choice of bread with any kind of combination tailored to your individual tastes. Contrast colors of lunchmeat and vegetables to make your sandwich more visually appealing. Avoid soggy sandwiches by taking the fillings in separate containers and assembling the sandwich just before eating. If time is an issue on a busy day, freeze your sandwich the night before. It will thaw in time for lunch but still be cool and refreshing.
Filling suggestions include crumbled cheeses, olives, left over meats; just about anything you like that will fill a pita or go between bread. A quick, easy treat could be tortillas rolled around string cheese or pepperoni sticks.

Lunch Box Pool

Lunch pooling with other adults creates more variety in the foods you eat plus less work for you. In lunch pooling, a different person each day brings enough lunch made from home for everyone in the lunch pool. Suggestions for lunch pool selections are casseroles, finger foods or even a fondue pot. Adjust what kind of foods or equipment to use according to how long your lunchtime is. Have everyone help clean up so there is time for everyone to eat.
Another way to adjust this idea is to have each person bring a lunchbox filled with one kind of food. For example, you might bring assorted types of crackers. Someone else brings a lunchbox filled with cheeses and yet another might bring fruits. The key is to have everyone bring a lunchbox with a single kind of food to share with the rest of the group.

Go International

Wake up your taste buds by filling your lunch box with flavors of other cultures. Bento lunch boxes, a trend gaining interest around the world, offers one method of doing this. Bento box lunches, originating in Japan, consist of foods made into compact shapes and packed creatively to appeal to the eye. While, timewise, a bento lunch box might not be an everyday option, it is one way to keep things interesting. Possible contents include sushi, pickled vegetables, or rice balls with dipping sauce.