List of Kosher Shampoos

By Justin Schamotta

Kosher shampoos are made from ingredients that conform to the dietary laws of the Jewish Halakhic. Because they are not ingested, these products do not strictly have to fall within the guidelines. Nevertheless, many Jewish people prefer to use shampoos deemed kosher. Although some products bear marks identifying them as kosher, this is not always the case.

Shampoo isn't necessarily kosher.


The Dr. Fischer brand manufacturers a kosher extra-mild shampoo designed for use on babies and those with delicate skin. The shampoo contains natural chamomile extract. Earth's Best makes a kosher baby shampoo containing 70 percent organic ingredients. The shampoo is free from parabens, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates. The Earth Mama's "Angel Baby" shampoo is made using kosher ingredients and is free from petrochemicals, synthetic surfactants, foaming agents and toxins.


The Dr. Fischer brand also produces a kosher shampoo designed for children. It is an extra mild conditioning shampoo containing natural rosemary extract. Jason produces a "Kids Only!" kosher shampoo that is organic and non-tear-inducing should it come into contact with young eyes. Kiss My Face manufactures a combination kosher shampoo and body-wash for kids. The Hawaii brand also produces a mild shampoo designed for Jewish children.

Organic and Specialist

Nature's Sunshine Products manufacture a kosher herbal shampoo that is made from a combination of herbs, allantoin, chamomile, collagen, aloe vera and panthenol. As well as being kosher, Earthly Elements' Island Jasmine, Brazilian Citrus and Moroccan Vannilla shampoos are free from gluten, parabens, glycols, silicones and petroleum-based ingredients. Desert Essence produces a kosher shampoo containing the extract of organically grown jojoba. The makers claim it is specially designed for use on thinning or fine hair. Careline produce a range of kosher shampoos for use on frizzy or curly hair and for people suffering from dandruff.


Maxi Health make a kosher regular shampoo and body wash containing honey, sesame oil, coconut oil and essential oils from ginger, nutmeg, jasmine, cardamom and bergamot. Alba produce the kosher "Rainforest Acai" and the "Rainforest Cupuacu" shampoos, which are suitable for all hair types. The kosher shampoo from Nature's Gate contains aloe vera, nettle, pansy and yeast extract and is for use on normal hair. Nature`s Plus also make a regular-use kosher shampoo containing extracts of nettle, rosemary, chamomile and eucalyptus.