Lemon oil has several beneficial properties that make it quite useful. It is an antiseptic, so it can be used in place of harsh cleaning chemicals. It is an astringent, so it can be used to dry up blemishes. Caution should be used when using this product, however, since it comes with potential risks.

Sensitivity To Sunlight

Lemon oil can sometimes cause skin to be more sensitive to the sun’s rays. This essential oil contains compounds that act as photosensitizing agents, which accelerates skin damage when outside in direct sunlight. After applying lemon oil to the skin, it is important to put on sunscreen before going outside. It is possible skin will sunburn more quickly after lemon oil use.

Skin Sensitivity

Lemon oil should never be directly applied to the skin. The potency of the oil can cause skin irritation. It is necessary to dilute lemon oil before using it on the skin. It is recommended that no more than five drops of lemon oil be mixed with a teaspoon of a carrier oil before use.

Too Much Lemon Oil Is Harmful

Lemon oil should only be consumed in small, diluted quantities. One or two drops of lemon oil in honey or soy milk is acceptable, but more than that can be dangerous. Since lemon oil has a laxative effect, too much of it can cause a person to become violently ill. If a person does ingest too much lemon oil, they should seek medical attention.