If you were given a too-big T-shirt as a gift or you have an old T-shirt that you want to transform to create a more stylish look, consider using a cut-and-knot technique to reconstruct your shirt. With only a few materials you can add a new element by creating a series of knots down each side.

Things You'll Need

Place the shirt on a hard, flat surface. Make sure the shirt is unfolded and smoothed out with no wrinkles or creases.

Mark lines going up each side of the T-shirt using chalk or a pencil. The lines should be perpendicular to and in front of the side seams. They should be at least 1 1/2 inches long. However, if you have a very baggy shirt, you can make them longer. The length of the lines will affect the fit of the shirt, according to the American Library Association website. The longer you make the lines, the tighter the shirt will fit. You can make as many lines as you desire; the more you have the more knots on your shirt.

Stop marking lines when you reach the sleeves. Your last line should be at least 2 inches below the sleeves.

Cut straight up each side of the shirt following the side seams. Stop cutting when you reach the line you drew closest to the sleeves. If you cut higher than your highest line, you will have a hole under each sleeve.

Cut along each line you made going up the sides of the shirt. After making each cut, you should have a fringe going up each side.

Start on one side of the shirt and tie one strip from the front of the shirt to the strip underneath it on the back of the shirt. Knot the strips securely using any method you prefer to avoid them coming undone. Continue to knot the strips on both sides of the shirt until all are tied.


  • Use a shirt that is at least one size bigger than your normal size. If you use a shirt that fits you well, the shirt will be too small after cutting and knotting.