Asian hairstyles for men and women range from plainly adorned and neatly maintained to structured and edgy. Depending on the hair texture and age of the individual, there are many Japanese and Korean hairstyles that might be a good fit for several hair types. Oftentimes, it’s the color and cut of the hair more than the style itself that defines how well a person can wear these Asian styles, which are popular for many age groups and ethnicities.

Japanese Male Hairstyles

One of the most popular hairstyles for Japanese men is the Anime hairstyle. Derived from the ever-popular Anime cartoon characters, these hairstyles feature razored edge, medium-length hair that can be spiked into position with hair gel or grit wax. The end result of this style can look like a porcupine or hedgehog with sharp spikes sticking out in every direction from the scalp, or a spiked Mohawk, with sides of the hair slicked down and the middle portion pointing straight in the air in several sections.

More subtle, professional styles put a twist on the American crew cut by elongating the front layer of hair onto the forehead. These layers can be straightened into bangs that sweep across the face or they can be pieced into sections and given a slight flip upwards, creating dimension.

Japanese Female Hairstyles

Japanese cuts for women feature face-framing razored edges, thick fringe bangs or side-swept bangs and several layers that form dimension in the back of the head.

Short hairstyles feature bangs cut in random lengths, some short and some long, almost in the shape of daggers. Longer styles are often shiny and straight with red or auburn highlights while medium and long styles also come in a variety of wavy, matte finishes that focus less on shine and more on layers.

Korean Male Hairstyles

Korean haircuts for men often feature short spikes on top feathering down to longer, fuller layers near the temples and ears and finishing in thin, pieced sections around the neck. This hairstyle can be worn with or without bangs, but if bangs are selected, they should be medium or long and sweep from one side of the forehead to the other, ending just below the eyebrows.

Sophisticated Korean male hairstyles feature many short layers feathered on top and covering the tips of the ears. This style is a more modernized variation of a late seventies John Lennon look.

Korean Female Hairstyles

Korean hairstyles for women tend to be intentionally messy and random. Some of these styles feature a messy ponytail with wavy locks or long layers curled into medium-width ringlets with a curling iron.

Bangs for Korean styles are similar to Japanese bangs and usually consist of thick straight bangs or side-swept bangs that begin on the far side of the forehead and sweep over to the other side. Most of the eyebrows are obscured and more layers can be added to the longer side of the bangs so they extend to the bottom of the ear or chin.

More sleek looks include a short, shiny bob with short bangs or no bangs at all. The back of the bob can be flipped up or rolled under, depending upon the desired look.