Combining multiple textures in an outfit has been a growing trend, especially when it comes to monochromatic dressing. As a basic wardrobe rule, the trick to pairing fabrics is to monitor the overall effect of the look, concentrating on which texture combinations are complementary and which don’t work. Both patent leather and satin finishes serve the function of providing sheen to any ensemble.

It Can Be Difficult

It is far easier — and thereby advisable if trying to impress a fashion conscious crowd — to wear just one material at a time. Added complication arrives in the fact that shoes and a dress compose the majority of any outfit, making the threat of luster overload extremely real. For this reason, marrying patent leather shoes with a satin dress has the potential to be fashionably dangerous. Still, if you insistent on wearing the two together, it can be done with prudence.


Patent leather and satin generally create a lightweight and visually polished look. Add a material such as wool, suede, swanskin or cashmere, which offer at least the illusion of a heavier and more matte partner. Because patent leather and satin have a tendency to be visually in-your-face, the other clothing in the outfit needs to make them appear more temperate.


A satin dress looks effortless, so make sure it maintains that effect when you’re adding layers to your ensemble. During the colder months, a large suede jacket with shearling details is an up-to-the-minute way to avoid gloss-overload. Similarly, a cropped viscose blazer or cashmere pullover works well in spring weather. In hotter months, it’s easier to wear the two materials alone, if the shoes are something quiet, like ballet flats or thin-strapped sandals.


While you don’t want to match too much of the same material, you might want to keep most of the outfit’s pieces in the same color family. The monochromatic trend is important here because it provides a safety zone from textile bombardment. Different shades of a color mute the overall look in a necessary way. For instance, blending a burgundy knit with a sepia satin dress and camel patent oxfords creates a color gradient that looks uniform enough to allow for the fabric combinations you want.

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