Dermablend makeup is specially formulated for long-lasting wear when used as directed. It can be worn on all skin types and conditions to cover imperfections as well as tattoos.

Resistance to Water

Dermablend makeup is not waterproof, but when used with the setting powder product, it is water-resistant.


Waterproof refers to the quality of a material to be impervious to water whereas water-resistance can repel water but is not impervious to it.

Setting Powder

Apply the setting powder after smoothing foundation or concealer onto the skin and allowing it to dry completely. Pat setting powder over the areas generously and then brush away any excess.

Dermablend Guarantee

Dermablend does not guarantee the efficacy of the water-resistance, smudge-resistance or length of wear of its makeup when setting powder is not applied.


Dermablend makeup must not be applied to wet skin as its water-resistance will be compromised.