A WindChaser ice machine is a portable, electric ice maker that makes, collects and stores ice cubes. The machine features a basic touch-key control panel that features a cube size — small, medium or large — selection key. It also features two alert LEDs that warn you when you don’t have enough water in the machine or you’ve allowed too much ice to collect. Once you’ve prepared your WindChaser ice machine for ice generation, using it only requires that you turn it on.

Things You'll Need


Fill a sink with hot water and enough soap to make the water slightly soapy.

Dunk a lint-free microfiber cloth in the water, remove the cloth and squeeze out the excess wash water.

Wipe the inner liner, evaporator rods, ice collector, water box and pusher thoroughly. Dampen another cloth with water only and wipe these areas again to rinse away the soapy residues.

Position your WindChaser ice machine on a level, flat surface away from heat sources and at least six inches away from other objects. If your machine looks tilted, turn its feet clockwise or counterclockwise up or down as needed until the entire machine rests level. Wait 12 hours.

Fill the water storage tank with fresh, clean water no higher than the bottom of the ice collection basket.

Ice Making

Plug in your WindChaser ice machine.

Push the “Start” key and then select an ice cube size by pushing the “Select” button repeatedly until you’ve highlighted the size that you want. If the machine is working correctly, you should hear it begin to make ice after approximately three minutes.

Wait approximately 10 minutes and then remove your first batch of ice — either with a scoop from the collection basket or by pulling the basket from the machine.

Turn off and unplug your machine once every 24 hours to clean it. Drain out any excess water by unscrewing the drainage plug. Clean the unit in the same way as when you prepared it.

Scrub the strainer that’s located in the water storage tank near the bottom right side weekly with a soft-bristled bottle-style brush to remove buildup of residues from the water that can collect on it.


  • If the “Water Low” LED turns on during use, refill the water storage tank with water, push the “Stop” key on the control panel, wait for the light to turn off and then push “Start” to turn your machine back on.

  • If both the “Water Low” and “Ice Full” LEDs turn on, remove any ice cubes blocking the water box or, if necessary, turn the box slightly by hand as it may have moved from its correct position within the machine. Wait 5 minutes. Push the “Stop” key, wait for the LEDs to turn off and then push “Start” again.