Detoxifying foot spas are, essentially, a foot-bath product. The machines use water and are plugged into the wall to power. According to the Detox For Life website, the water is charged with a current and it is meant to help the body's natural detoxifying abilities. The website continues by stating that the toxins in the body go into the water.

Drink a few glasses of water before using the spa. Hydration is important before, during and after a foot-spa session to prevent nausea, dizziness, headaches or light headedness.

Avoid medications immediately before use. Take medications after using the foot spa to prevent complications from the medication.

Remove metal, phones and other devices from the body. The foot spa works by using electrical, ion charges. Metal, phones and any other electrical devices can cause interference.

Fill a bowl with warm water and place it next to the foot spa. Place a towel by the bowl. This is for rinsing the feet.

Add warm water to the foot spa until it is halfway filled.

Plug in the power cord, wrist bands and array according to the specific model of detox foot spa. Some models do not have the wrist bands.

Place the array and wrist band on the palm of the hand or wrist. Place feet in the water and press "On." Select the mode according to the instruction manual for the specific model of the foot spa. Press "Start" to get the system going.

Watch the electric amps. If the amps get down to 1.2A or lower, add 0.1 grams of Himalayan salt.

Remove feet from the spa when the spa session finishes. Usually, the automatic detox mode is 30 minutes. Rinse feet in the bowl of water and dry with a towel.