If you are portraying an Asian character in a play and you are not Asian, you will need to know what makeup tools and steps will give you the look of Asian eyes. In addition to the shape of the eye, you’ll also need to apply enough makeup so your features can be seen by the audience. Duplicating the look of Asian eyes is simple once you know the right steps and techniques.

Things You'll Need

Spread a small amount of the cream eyeshadow base onto each eye using your fingers. Tap and blend until the texture is even and the base is evenly coating each eye from the inner corners up to the brow bone.

Apply the shimmery pink or purple shadow to the entire eyelid up to the crease using the all-over eyeshadow brush. Blend it into the crease with the brush.

Rub the shimmery pearl eyeshadow in the container with a clean finger and apply the concentrated shadow onto the brow bone. Put more shadow on your finger and apply to the inner corners of the eyes and by the lash line. Blend the shadow from the inner corners into the other colors using the all-over eyeshadow brush.

Pick up the liquid liner with your dominant hand and hold the eye taut with your other hand. Start from the inner corner of the eye and draw a straight line across the base of the eyelashes, extending out to a thin tail. Repeat for the other side. You will need to make several strokes instead of one line in order for the effect to be appropriate for the stage.


  • If you have darker skin, use a shimmery gold or bronze eyeshadow in place of the shimmery pearl, pink or purple eyeshadow. Choose a shimmery lighter gold for the brow bone.

  • If you are male, use one color matte eyeshadow two shades lighter than your skin tone in place of the shimmery shadows.