Infant Hairstyles

By Kristle Jones

Infant hairstyles can vary from baby to baby. There are a variety of infant hairstyles to choose from whether you have a girl, boy or bald baby. Infant hair products are also important when it comes to infant hairstyles.

Infant Girls Hair

One approach used by parents who have infants with curls is to dampen hair and twirl curls around their finger. Accessories finish the look for infant girls with straight hair.

Infant Boys Hair

Although there aren't as many options when it comes to infant boys' hair, it is still important to brush it daily.

Styles for the Bald Infant

Bald infants can have unique fashion looks, too. Accessories such as headbands and hats can give a bald infant style.

Infant Hair Accessories

Clips, headbands, bows and barrettes look great in infant hairstyles. Hats are great for infant boys and girls.

Infant Hair Products

Infant hair products are an important factor in infant hairstyles. Baby shampoo is used for every infant, whether bald or full of hair. If your child has a lot of hair, or if it's thick and curly, leave-in conditioner is another hair product for infant hairstyles.