Hijab refers to the covering of the body except for the hands and face by Muslim women. However, hijab is often what the headscarf is called colloquially. According to the website Islam For Today, many women wear hijab because they feel that covering their body garners them more respect in society, although in Western culture the hijab is often seen as a sign of submission. For whatever reason a women chooses to wear hijab, there are many styles she can chose from that seem intricate but are actually quite simple to make. The styles described below are adapted from the website Trendy Hijab.

Things You'll Need

Shawl Style

Put a full underscarf on first to provide adequate neck coverage. Alternately, a turtleneck and a normal underscarf can be used. This is because the shawl does not cover all areas of the neck

Rest the shawl on your head, making sure that it is longer on one side than the other. Using two hijab pins, fasten the shawl to the underscarf. Try to do this on the level of your eyebrows.

Take the end of the shawl that is longer, pull it under your face and pin it on the other side with the third hijab pin. Because there is an underscarf or turtleneck under the shawl, it doesn’t need to be very tight, and it can hang down your neck so it’s comfortable. Make sure all the pins are fastened securely so they don’t fall out.

Square Scarf Style

Decide which size of scarf you want. If you would prefer more coverage, use a scarf that is 40 inches by 40 inches, but if you are small or don’t mind less coverage, a 34-inch-by-34-inch scarf is generally adequate. Fold the scarf in half to create a triangle and fold in half again. Make sure the second triangle is smaller than the first so it doesn’t show.

Put the scarf on your head, with one side longer. It should fall to your shoulders. If it is too long or too short, re-fold it or try a different size.

Use a hijab pin to fasten the scarf under your neck. Place the longer side of the scarf on the opposite side of your face and fasten with a second hijab pin. Again, make sure the pins aren’t loose.

Amira Style

Put a colorful scarf over your forehead. This scarf can be thin because it only needs to cover the area above your eyes to your hair.

Tie the scarf at the bottom of the neck. Be sure it is secure enough to not fall down. In this style, the scarf is used in place of the tube underscarf that is generally part of two-piece amira hijabs.

Pull the amira hijab over your head. Amira hijabs are scarfs that are already sewn to cover the head and neck, leaving a space for the face. Be sure that the colorful scarf and the amira meet. This is a very simple style because there are no pins to work with.