MAC cosmetics are sold at two types of stores: MAC cosmetics stores owned by MAC cosmetics, and chain stores selling MAC cosmetics products.

This article outlines a process for moving from working at chain stores selling MAC cosmetics to working for MAC cosmetics directly. Good luck!

~ Go to beauty school ~

You certainly don’t have to take this step first, but it will be necessary eventually along the process. And why start selling MAC cosmetics at a chain store when you might have to move later to start cosmetology school? You will eventually want to be trained at a beauty school and hold a cosmetology license. If this is your chosen career path the time and money will be well worth it.

~ Apply for a job at a chain carrying MAC cosmetics ~

This will give you familiarity with MAC cosmetics stores products, experience, and money to pay for schooling. Stores that carry MAC cosmetics products include Nordstroms, Macy’s, Sacks 5th Ave., and Bloomingdales.

Be sure to dress professionally and present yourself as a cosmetologist might in appearance and demeanor.

~ Build a professional portfolio ~

As you move through beauty school, sell MAC cosmetics stores products, and give makeovers capture your best work. Consider paying a student photographer or a professional friend to capture your work in process. You will want both process and end result photos that are printed in high glossy form and inserted into a professional portfolio.

~ Become a MAC cosmetics pro ~

The instructions for achieving this stage are fully available on MAC cosmetics site. You will need to be a professional in the industry and have the necessary documentation to prove it. This allows you, however, to start taking MAC cosmetics classes directly from MAC which will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

~ Set up an interview at a MAC cosmetics store ~

Call a MAC cosmetics store in an area you would like to work. Ask for the manager and schedule an interview. Dress and style to impress and bring your professional portfolio with you. Your work is your most important reference next to your cosmetology license.

** See more tips and warnings below **


  • MAC cosmetics stores are highly selective in their hiring procedures. Be sure you have your ducks in a row.

  • Use store discounts to fill your own collection of MAC cosmetics products to practice with as you work with a chain store.

  • Once you have a MAC pro membership use it to take as many classes as you can as often as you can.

  • Network with other MAC cosmetics hopefuls to gain ideas and support.

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