Chiffon is an elegant material commonly used in formal wear, such as wedding dresses. The material may be made from polyester, rayon or other artificial fabric. Chiffon is also commonly made of silk. Along with caring for its delicate nature, you have to pay a little more attention to how you whiten a chiffon garment that has become stained. Restore a chiffon piece to its gleaming white self with a little hands-on TLC.

Things You'll Need

Read the label to determine whether your chiffon piece requires dry cleaning. If so, proceed with this method, showing the attendant where the problem spots are.

If the item is washable, soak the item in a tub or wash basin along with three tablespoons of white vinegar. Allow the garment to soak for as long as one hour before inspecting it.

Try using an oxygen-based bleach if the vinegar proves unsatisfactory. Follow the directions on the cleaner for the right mixture with hot water. Allow the material to soak for 15 to 30 minutes, then inspect. Rinse it under cool water, repeating the process if necessary.

Gently blot-dry or roll the material between two white towels. Do not wring or squeeze out the chiffon fabric, as this can stretch, weaken or even tear the material.

Inspect the item after it is dry. Repeat the process if necessary.