A very popular piece of jewelry is the toe ring. Whether worn in silver or gold, metal or non-metal material, the toe ring is now an essential to most wardrobes, both men and women. This trendy item can be found in fashion stores as well as high-end jewelers. Whether you wear them for fun or to make a fashion statement, find the style that fits your personality and wear your toe ring with confidence.

Decide which style of toe ring better suits your personality. There are numerous styles, materials and colors that can mixed and matched to offer certain looks. Wearing metals are appropriate for casual and semi-casual while non-metals are considered appropriate for sportswear or even beachwear.

Determine what your toe ring size should be. This will almost certainly be a different number from your finger size. Get measured properly by a jeweler or do it yourself with a small piece of measuring tape.

Decide what your budget will be for the toe ring jewelry.

Identify what style of toe ring you most prefer to wear. Toe rings come in multiple fashion presentations. Choose 1 or 2 rings that are timeless and work with the bulk of your wardrobe.

Wear appropriate toe ring jewelry with appropriate outfits. Wear non-metal rings with sports attire or outdoors attire and wear gold filled or diamond studded toe rings with a more dressier attire.

Remove toe rings when not in use. Do not wear toe rings while showering, sleeping or wearing socks and tennis shoes. Not removing the ring could result in damage to the jewelry.

Replace the toe rings as needed. This will ensure that your jewelry remains in high quality condition.