Wearing tights leggings has come back into fashion over the last few seasons. And it looks like they are going to stick around for awhile. Who can even believe they came back? Tights leggings are a very comfortable alternative to regular tights and much warmer. They also add some new hot looks to your wardrobe. You can also dress them up or dress down. They can make a great dressed up, but comfortable look as an alternative to your sweats. So read on for a few tips on how to wear them with style.

First wear tights leggings with long loose fitting tops. Wear a long sweater, blouse tops, dresses, or short skirts over leggings. Keep your legs warm while still showing them off.

Try a few different designs and fabrics. Buy some warm cotton leggings for those cold winter nights, or some leather ones, tights, or ones that are cut up. Make sure to avoid the exercise Danskin leggings, pick the pretty lace, paisley, leopard, or jeans patterns instead.

Make sure the tights leggings fit your properly. Wear thicker leggings to cover up any dimples you may have. Ask a friend to try some on with you, so both of you will find the perfect leggings together.

Choosing the proper ladies shoes to wear with your tights leggings in important as well. Decide what you like best: the flat, the boot, or the heel. Opinions vary on whether one should only wear a flat or heel with leggings. Wear whatever looks best with the outfit, a short heel may be the best of both worlds. Whether you wear cropped leggings or long leggings may be a deciding factor in your shoes as well.


  • Wear your leggings with style and confidence.