Oversized beanies are a hot fashion trend during the frigid winter months. Floppy, woolen headwear exudes a casual, laid back attitude while keeping your head cozy and warm. Even if the weather hasn’t begun to cool yet, big beanies made from lighter fabric can add a bohemian vibe to a late spring or fall outfit. If you have long hair, styling it to accommodate the beanie will add cohesiveness to your look.

Things You'll Need

Select a beanie that flatters your facial structure. Vertical knit patterns or stripes can help elongate round faces. If your face is long and thin, choose a horizontal print to emphasize your eyes and cheek bones.

Fit your head into the beanie, placing the front of it down over your forehead and hairline. Allow the beanie’s excess fabric to bunch on top of your head.

Pull the beanie back on your head so that your hairline is exposed. The excess fabric should now be positioned near the back of your head, drooping slightly downward.

Tease your bangs out from under the front of the beanie, and sweep them to the preferred side, or let them lay flat. Pull several locks of hair out from under the sides of the beanie to fill out your look. Style the visible hair as desired.

Secure the beanie to the crown of your head using bobby pins. Arrange the pins discretely around the edges of the beanie to preserve its casual tilt toward the back of your head.