How to Wear Head Scarfs

By Nicole Crawford

Wearing a head scarf is an easy way to make any outfit interesting or to put on a different "look." There are several different methods of tying head scarves, depending on the type of look you want and the kind of scarf you are using. The Kelly, which is named after Grace Kelly, and the Crown are two of the most popular and sophisticated head scarf styles.

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The Crown

Step 1

Place a long, rectangular scarf over your head, making one side longer than the other.

Step 2

Hold the ends tightly and reverse each to the opposite shoulder. Pull the scarf tight.

Step 3

Twist the longer side loosely, then bring it up over the crown of your head to meet the end on the other side.

Step 4

Tie the two ends together, and either let them hang down your back or tuck them into the back of the scarf and the top of the neck.

Headband Wrap

Step 5

Fold a rectangular scarf in half. If you have long hair, it may help to put your hair in a ponytail.

Step 6

Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it in the back.

Step 7

Keep hair in ponytail or let it hang over the sides of the scarf.

The Kelly

Step 8

Fold a square scarf along its diagonal, forming a triangle.

Step 9

Place the scarf on your head, with the tip of the triangle facing the back.

Step 10

Take the two corners of the triangle at either side of your head, and wrap them around the front of the neck. They should be crossed over each other in the front of the neck.

Step 11

Tie the scarf at the back of the neck.

The Wrap

Step 12

Fold a square scarf down its diagonal to form a triangle (just like the first step of the Kelly).

Step 13

Place the scarf on your head with the two tips on the sides of the face, just as in the Kelly. The tip of the triangle should be in back.

Step 14

Crisscross the two ends over the tip of the triangle. Pull the tip down to smooth out the scarf.

Step 15

Tie the two ends together. You can let the ends hang down the back or tie them on the side of the neck so they are visible from the front.