Cuffed jeans first appeared on the U.S. fashion scene in the 1950s. Today, cuffed jeans have made a resurgence, and can be seen paired with anything from high heels to flats, depending on the occasion. As with most wardrobe choices, there is a certain way to wear cuffed jeans, although you have several options when it comes to complementary tops and shoes.

Wear a pair of straight-legged or skinny jeans as cuffed jeans. Flared jeans do not lend themselves to cuffing.

Ensure that your cuffed jeans fall somewhere between your knees and ankles. Cuffed jeans above your knees look too much like shorts, and jeans cuffed right at the ankles are too reminiscent of the 1980s.

Make sure the width of the cuff is no wider than 1 or 2 inches.

Pair baggy cuffed jeans with a fitted top, or fitted cuffed jeans with a looser top. A flowy tank top that hits at your upper thigh looks great with skinny cuffed jeans. Keep layering fresh and simple; avoid bulky sweaters or anything that falls below the hip or above the waist.

If you are tall or have long legs, wear a pair of flats–ballet-style or sandals, depending on the heat and humidity. Summer sandals with wedge heels work well if you have shorter legs.


  • If your cuffs won’t stay in place, insert some well-concealed safety pins or double-sided tape between the cuff and pant leg.