How to Wear Clothes That Make You Look Thinner

By LeafTV Contributor

Do you know how to pick out the right clothes to make you look thinner? Wearing an outfit that flatters your figure can make you feel more attractive than the best hair day in the world. Your choice in clothing can enhance your shape or completely ruin it. There are a few little fashion tricks you can employ to make sure your wardrobe is your friend and not your enemy. If you'd like to dress yourself thin and look pounds lighter instantly keep reading!

Look Pounds Lighter Instantly

Step 1

Choose the right fabric. Always avoid wearing very bulky fabrics, or any fabric that has a tendency to bunch up. Steer clear of heavy wools, puffy jackets, sweatshirts and anything else that will add optical pounds to your body. Choose fabrics that are thin and fitted, but strong enough to hold their shape. Choosing properly fitting clothing can make you look as though you have recently lost weight.

Step 2

Wear the right colors. Everyone should know by now that black makes you appear thinner. But does that mean your closet needs to look like you've hired Morticia Addams as your personal stylist? Of course not! Just use some common fashion sense. Black isn't the only slimming color on the hanger. Anything dark will do. You can still wear your favorite colors; just be sure to select deeper versions of those colors. Bright colors will draw the eye to thicker areas of your body and can often times make you looker fatter than you really are.

Step 3

Don't underestimate the power of patterns. For the love of God, steer clear of big busy patterns! If you've got a thick waist, an outrageous pattern will remind people of a fat lady in a mumu. Not to mention, it visually adds girth to your belly. Go with classic simple patterns. If in doubt, always choose a solid color. It's better safe than sorry.

Step 4

Use stripes correctly. Stripes can be your figure flattering best friend, or your worst fashion enemy. The trick is knowing when and how to use them. Never wear anything with horizontal stripes from the top to the bottom of the garment. If you like horizontal stripes, use them in a more flattering way. Horizontal stripes draw attention to how wide something is. This certainly isn't the kind of attention we want on our waist! Use horizontal stripes in areas where big isn't a bad thing. What do I mean by that? Wear horizontal stripes across your chest and across your hips if you have a straight figure to create instant curves. As far as vertical stripes go, they're pretty much always safe. They visually lengthen and slim your body.

Step 5

Stop embarrassing yourself! If you've got a tummy pooch it's time to retire the hip hugger jeans. You'll look a million times more attractive in a jean that actually fits and holds your tummy in than you would in a jean that shows the world you've got a muffin top. Pick jeans in a dark wash with a mid rise waist. They should also be nicely fitted with a stretch fabric. This will thin your thighs and hug your booty in all the right ways. Dark denim is a must for anyone trying to hide fat legs or thighs. To make your legs look even thinner go for a dark wash with a light fade down the center of each leg.

Step 6

Consider wearing shapewear. If you still have a fat roll or two you're tired of seeing through your clothes try some shapewear. Shapewear these days is not your grandmother's girdle. There are literally hundreds of options for any woman's body. There are very discrete versions of shapewear such as tank tops and camisoles that look completely normal but secretly hold in the fat! Wearing good control garmets under your clothing can make it appear as though you've lost 5-10 pounds instantly.