I like to consider myself fashionable. Who doesn’t, right? But for the past year or so I’ve been mystified by this concept of wearing boots with your jeans (or leggings) tucked in. At first I was put off by the look cutting off the line of the leg, making for a stumpy look. I was also (and still am) against the dreaded bunching up of the jeans right above the top of the boots – yuck!

So, I think I have figured it out, and here are my tips for rockin’ the look right.

Things You'll Need

The first thing you’ll want to do is select a great pair of skinny leg jeans… and it doesn’t even matter if they’re a bit too long or short, they’ll be hidden in the boots, right? Make sure to select a pair that is fairly tight. Makes your butt look good and hugs your thighs. Baggier jeans will make you look sloppy. Leggings will work too (although I’m still skeptical about leggings… they make me feel naked).

Select the boots. Make sure they’re not too tight, otherwise you’ll get the aforementioned dreaded bunching at the top of the jeans. So, again, be sure the calves have ample room for tucking in jeans with a little more room for your leg to move around.

Since this is a trendy look, try to pick a trendy boot. The best ones I’ve seen have a slouchy look to them, with a thicker or wedge heel. Also fashionable are flats that look like riding boots.

Don’t forget about cowboy boots. As long as they’re not too honky-tonk looking, these can give you a laid back “I’m too cool to be trying to hard,” look.