At one time, wearing black to a wedding was as taboo as wearing the same color as the bride. It’s not so any more. Now, wearing black is deemed fashionable, classic, and perfectly acceptable. You may still get a dirty look from some that are not in the know, but that will be rare. Have courage, and proceed.

Ask the bride for her opinion. This is important if you’re unsure about how the bride will feel if you show up in black. If you think she will mind, ask. If she doesn’t feel that it’s appropriate, find something else to wear: no matter how appropriate you think it is.

Wear black accessories with colorful outfits. Choose a black accessory to go with whatever you’re wearing. This could include a scarf, a tie, a necklace or a belt. This is appropriate no matter how you feel about wearing black to a wedding and it is also a nice accent.

Try on colored accessories with a black dress. If you wear a black dress, consider one with polka dots or stripes if you’re uncomfortable with all black. You can also wear a colorful scarf around either your neck or your waist. This adds in a bit of color, breaks up the black and is incredibly fashionable. You can also wear different-colored shoes to break up the black.

Make sure that you are wearing jewelry that is complimentary to the black.

Ask for the opinions of friends and family on the particular black outfit that you want to wear to a wedding. If it elicits enough objections, you might want to find a different black outfit. Black can definitely work for a wedding, but you have to know how to work it well!


Keep your attitude and manners light and airy to offset anyone's fears about wearing black to a wedding.


Don't show up in nothing but black. You will look silly and potentially morbid.