Animal prints add an edge and a bit of sex appeal to your style. You have to be careful, though — animal prints can also look overly trendy and even a bit cheap when carelessly styled. Whether you choose to accessorize with leopard, snake, giraffe or tiger print, or go head-to-toe jungle, follow some simple guidelines to look classy and fashion forward.

Accessorize Away

A pair of zebra print heels, a leopard print bag or a snake print belt pulls an outfit together without looking over-the-top. Animal print hats, backpacks and scarves are other accessories that top off an otherwise staid outfit. You can make an even bigger statement with an animal print coat or jacket. Accessorizing with animal prints allows you to embellish what’s already in your wardrobe.

Keep It Classy

Look classy in animal prints, rather than tawdry, by choosing just one statement piece. Opt for a leopard-inspired pencil skirt, a snow leopard spotted sweater or a simple animal-print tee. Tame these pieces by keeping the rest of your outfit subdued in neutral colors such as black or brown. Pastel pinks, blues and greens also provide an unexpected, but quiet, complement to animal prints.

Go All the Way

If you embrace prints, dress head to toe in a single animal print. A long or short animal print dress paired with a single red accessory — a bag, belt or shoes — makes a statement. Look for animal print shirt dresses to pair with a solid blazer to bring a little wildlife to the office. Animal-print leggings and maxi dresses give you other ways to embrace the trend head-on. If you’re hesitant, look for monochrome animal prints that appear more abstract than wild.

Animal Print No-Nos

Animal print looks most sophisticated when you’re not trying too hard to look sexy. Anything too tight, short or revealing can look cheap — especially when it’s in animal print. Whatever you do, don’t mix species. Stick to one type of animal print per outfit.