The toga dress is a super-feminine look inspired by the Greek and Roman outfit made famous in modern times by the party scene in “Animal House.” The toga dress is suitable for almost all body types, but you do need to choose the right cut, accents, and accessories to flatter your figure.

Things You'll Need

Choose a style that suits your body type. Soft and looser styles are perfect for women with a larger stomach, while the more fitted styles create a flattering silhouette. Choose something that doesn’t have too much extra material, which could leave you floating in the dress.

Pick a ruched style to flatter your bustline and neckline. Ruching pulls the material together for a very feminine, frock-style look. The ruching must end just below your bustline or above the waist.

Look for a cap-sleeved style to de-emphasize your arms. If you’re trying to hide your upper arms, look for a cap-sleeve style with a V-neck.

Tighten any belts or bands around the waist. Some toga dresses are made with ribbon belts tied together on the outside, while others are designed with a belt or band right on the dress.

Slip on a pair of Roman sandals or high heeled platform sandals. Both are especially flattering for the toga dress.

Apply a generous layer of moisturizer and shimmer powder to the shoulders and neckline exposed by the dress.


  • Wear the dress with platform sandals if you want more height.

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