A snood is a hair accessory made of a netting material that holds your hair back behind your neck in an attractive bundle. Wearing a snood is a great way to dress up your typical hair style or to keep your hair attractively out of the way during sporting activities.

Things You'll Need

Brush your hair thoroughly to remove any snarls or tangles.

Gather your hair into a ponytail at the base of your head or the top of your neck.

Open the snood fully and place the front rim over the center of your head, from ear to ear, and the back rim under your ponytail so your hair is inside the snood.

Pull the tie or elastic closing mechanism of your snood until it closes snugly around your head. The lobes of your ears should be outside the snood, while the remainder of your ear should be covered.

Secure the snood in place with bobby pins, if necessary.

Apply hairspray to keep your hair in place beneath the snood. You can also apply hairspray after you pull your hair back into a ponytail. This keeps layered hair in place as you put your snood on.


  • Snoods can be adjusted in a variety of ways, depending upon how it’s made. Make sure you know how to open and close your snood before you try to put it on your head.

  • Small snoods are often used to hold the hair only at the base of the neck rather than cover most of your head. Pull a small snood snugly in place over the elastic band that holds your ponytail and use pins to secure if you need to.