A Kariza wrap is a reversible skirt designed with double layers. Each wrap is individually designed, with its own print and color characteristics. Kariza, the designer of these wraps, began by showing them to boutique owners and buyers in Hawaii. She designed her wraps to be short (17 inches), medium (26 inches) and long (34 inches), giving buyers much more versatility in how they wrap and wear them. Women are encouraged to use their imagination in wrapping and wearing these clothing items.

Position the Kariza wrap behind your back at the waist. Bring the right side across your waist at the front. Bring the left side over the right side of the wrap. Grab each strap at your back and tie it, giving yourself a long wrap skirt.

Bring the wrap up behind your back just under your armpits. Pull both straps over your shoulders and tie them behind your neck. Pull the top layer — both ends — and make a double knot in the front and center of your chest.

Create a knee-length, sarong-style wrap by positioning the center of the skirt at your back. Bring the strap on your right side over your left shoulder, then cross the strap on your left side over your right shoulder. Tie the straps behind your neck. Bring the top, inner layer out, and grab the top front layer on the outside. Pull both the outside and inside layers snug, and tie them at the center of your back.

Cover your bikini with a short Kariza wrap. Hold the center of the skirt in front of your breasts. Cross both straps behind your back, then position both straps under your arms at your front. Tie the straps behind your neck.

Use a long Kariza wrap to create a halter dress. Position the center of the skirt just behind your shoulder blades. Cross the layer on your right side over to your left side, and repeat with the top layer of fabric. Tie the straps at your back and tuck them in. Move the side of the skirt to the center and grip the top layer of fabric that is hanging. Pull this layer over both shoulders and tie both ends around your neck.


  • Kariza Designs includes a brochure and instructional DVD with each wrap skirt. These materials give you more than 50 different ways of wearing wrap skirts.