While “Gossip Girl” gave viewers six seasons of Upper East Side drama, it’s still most notable for it’s take on fashion. No character’s style is more instantly recognizable than Blair Waldorf. Blair put her mark on everything from her school uniform to her wedding gown with the addition of her trademark headband. She used simple ribbons and jewel-encrusted wraps to add vintage charm to her look, while giving her hair face-framing volume. Take a cue from Queen B and throw on a headband for both casual and dressy occasions.

Things You'll Need

Tuck your hair behind your ears. Pull out the 2-inch wide section of hair closest to the right side of your face and position it in front of your ear.

Place the headband behind your ears, pulling back your hair, while keeping the 2-inch-wide piece in front of the headband. Set the headband at the crown of your head, 1-inch away from your hairline.

Spritz your hair from roots to ends with a heat protectant, and brush it through with a natural-bristle brush to add shine. Turn a 1.5-inch curling iron onto the medium heat setting, and allow it to heat up.

Hold the curling iron vertically next to the section of hair that was left in front of the headband. Wrap the section around the curling iron with the clamp closed, moving the hair away from your face. Hold the hair on the iron for 10 seconds and release.

Pick up a 2-inch-wide section of hair directly behind the headband on the right side of your face. Wrap the hair around the iron, toward the outside of your face, starting from halfway down the iron. Hold for 10 seconds and release.

Continue to curl sections in the same fashion, working your way around the back of your head to the left side of your face until all hair has been curled. Starting your curls halfway down will create loose waves and allow the bangs to flow into the rest of your hair.

Spritz the base of a natural-bristle brush with medium-hold hairspray, and gently brush out the curls. This will loosen them while smoothing down any flyways for a polished appearance.