If you love denim, but want another way to incorporate it into your wardrobe besides jeans — try a vest. A vest is just the thing you need to shake up your wardrobe and add variety. Denim vests are available in various washes and at many price points, making them an easy trend for you to try. No matter your style, there’s a denim vest to complete your look.

Find a vest that flatters. Not all denim vests are created equal. Choose a denim vest that is fitted, but not tight. Whether the denim vest will be buttoned when worn is up to you, but most likely you will wear it open. However, try to find a vest that looks good when buttoned, in case you want to wear it that way.

Choose a wash that fits into your existing wardrobe. A denim vest is a great way to update the clothes you already wear. Work around these pieces and take them into account when deciding which wash to choose. For a bohemian look, try a light wash. For an ultra trendy vest, choose white denim. For a night on the town, a dark or distressed denim vest will work.

Find the appropriate venue. Unless you work in a casual office, a denim vest is most likely not appropriate for work. Know your company’s dress code before trying to express yourself through denim. If you work in a creative field, a denim vest may be appropriate.

Wear a denim vest at work. If your office does allow denim, there are many ways to wear the trend. Try it over your standard office dress, paired with tights, boots and a long necklace. The look is trendy, but is polished and pulled together. If your work wardrobe is full of dark clothing, choose a vest in a stonewashed or lighter shade to break things up. Remember, the overall look should be intentional, not as if you’re trying to pass off a denim vest as a blazer.

Wear a denim vest on the weekend. A denim vest can go in many different directions on the weekend. For running errands, throw it over a fitted tee with slim-fit jeans and flats for a look that personifies casual chic. If you’re going out for the evening, try it over your little black dress with pumps and smoky eye makeup for a sophisticated rocker look. Experiment, but remember the only rules are to aim for lean, body-conscious silhouettes to avoid looking frumpy.

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