The Bando can refer to either a maternity clothing article or a type of headband. One is an elastic undergarment designed to go around the tummy of a pregnant woman, keeping pants and skirts up around the hips without falling down. The maternity Bando is intended as an alternative to maternity dresses, but the manufacturers of this clothing “strip” boast the versatility of the product. A maternity Bando is intended to be worn around the waist or around the bust as a tube top. The other kind of Bando is a seamless elastic headband.

Things You'll Need

Bandos for the Belly

Slide the Bando onto your midsection, either over your head or over your legs.

Fit the Bando around your belly for better lower back support. Let the bottom part of the Bando furl over the waistline of your pants or skirt. The Bando helps support your stomach muscles all through your pregnancy.

Wear the Bando as a tube top by fitting the Bando completely over your bust. You can wear the Bando over your nursing bra for extra support. Be sure to cover the bra completely with the Bando material.

Bandos for the Hair

Slide the Bando headband over the top of your head.

Pull your hair up and out through the Bando in the style you want.

Let the Bando rest on your forehead and around behind your ears at the bottom of your scalp. Adjust the Bando accordingly, pulling the Bando back off your forehead to hold your hair in place.