How to Wash a Handbag

By Faith Lawless

A handbag is one of the things that we tend to forget to wash or clean often, if never. So how can you clean your handbag without damaging it? It's actually a lot easier than you think, and it can be done with something that you may already have on-hand.

Wash a Handbag

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Step 1

Begin by emptying the handbag and turning out all pockets.

Step 2

Take a lint roller, or wrap your hand in tape, and remove any debris from the inside of the handbag.

Step 3

Once all debris is removed, inspect the inside of the handbag for stains and/or marks. If you have stains or marks try using an alcohol-free baby wipe first. If this does not remove the stain then lightly spray a dry clothe with Windex and pat the stain, never rub.

Step 4

Clean the remainder of the inside and the outside of the handbag with the alcohol-free baby wipes. If your bag is leather, you may want to follow up with a good leather cleaner in order to keep the leather in good condition.