How to Walk in Flip Flops

By LeafTV Editor

How to Walk in Flip Flops. If you've never owned a pair of flip flops, walking in them for the first time can seem strange. They feel similar to sling-backs, but without the added security of the heel strap. You can learn to safely walk in flip flops with some careful practice, and soon you'll be able to wear them in almost any terrain.

Step 1

Dry your feet and flip flops thoroughly before use. Wet feet are slippery and you can easily step down, slide and twist an ankle.

Step 2

Examine the flip flops to ensure the toe thong is firmly rooted and not about to give way. Flip flops commonly come apart in this fashion, and a wrong step with a broken flip flop can cause a painful accident.

Step 3

Place your feet inside the shoes with the thong between your first and second toes. Grip the bottom of the flip flops by curling your toes and step forward. It can feel strange at first, but after walking around for a while, you'll get accustomed to the feel.

Step 4

Lift your feet cleanly off the ground with every step; do not drag or shuffle the flip flops as you walk across the floor. Not only does it wear out the bottoms of your flip flops, the sound is also annoying to others around you.

Step 5

Make turns with each foot as it is in the air, not on the ground. Twisting the flip flop as it sits on the ground can cause the thong to loosen and tear out of place. This can ruin your sandals.

Step 6

Practice easing the flip flops up as you step, rather than letting them snap back to your heel as you walk. The snapping method produces an irritating noise that people around you are unlikely to appreciate.