Using vinegar to get a sunless tan can make the difference between a bright orange tan that can look fake and a golden-brown tan that looks like you bronzed at the beach for a week. When a self-tanner is not applied correctly, the end result can be a weird coloring juxtaposition between your skin and clothing. If you find yourself insecure with your new tan, vinegar can be just the thing to help you regain your confidence.

Things You'll Need

Pour white vinegar into a medium-sized bowl, and then dip a cotton ball into the vinegar.

Rub the vinegar onto the areas that are splotched and unevenly orange. The vinegar will loosen the excess tanner.

Use a slightly dampened piece of gauze to remove the excess tanner and reveal a smooth, natural-looking tan.


  • Use an exfoliant wash before you apply the self tanner.

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