Vaseline is 100 percent petroleum jelly. You can use this inexpensive standby product in a variety of ways in your beauty routine.

Dab it on. You can help your fragrance last longer by applying some Vaseline to your wrist, neck or other area where you want to spritz your perfume or cologne. Rub it in. Then spray your fragrance on, and it will last much longer.

Tame Your Eyebrows. You can help keep your eyebrows in place by applying a small amount of petroleum jelly over your brows to set them in place.

Treat your lips. To keep your lips nice and soft, apply a generous amount of Vaseline over your lips at night. You can even use it during the day as a gloss for your lips.

Make your own mascara, in any color you like. Mix eye shadow in any color with some Vaseline, and apply it to the tips of your lashes with a spoolie brush. You can use an old mascara wand — clean it well with soap and water between uses — or buy a new one.

Protect your skin from hair dye. When you dye your hair at home, start by applying Vaseline to your hair line. This helps prevent color from developing onto your skin. When you are done, just wipe off with a tissue.

Treat your feet. When your feet are dry, apply a coat of Vaseline to them and wear socks overnight. In the morning, your feet will be nice and smooth. For a quick fix, you can also apply petroleum jelly right after a bath or shower. It will absorb into the skin quickly, leaving it softer and smoother.

Help your eyelashes grow. Before bedtime, apply a coat of Vaseline to your eyelashes, including the base.

Prevent razor burn. After shaving delicate areas, rub some Vaseline over the area to prevent razor burn. Doing this helps to soothe your legs and make them nice and smooth.

Remove makeup. You can use Vaseline as a makeup remover. Just smear some on a cloth and wipe your makeup off. It also work great at removing false eyelash glue. Just rub it over any leftover glue and wipe off.


  • One more use: Petroleum jelly works well as an emergency way to remove chewing gum from hair, according to “Woman’s Day” magazine — better than the traditional peanut butter.