Unrefined coconut oil is less widely available than the refined coconut oil variety. The refinement of coconut oil eliminates many of the impurities and flavors from the oil but it can also remove some of the beneficial elements that naturally occur in unrefined oil. Among other medicinal uses you can safely use unrefined coconut oil to help prevent premature aging and promote a healthy, youthful appearance.

Research local and online coconut oil suppliers for a product that looks good to you. Depending upon your budget and beliefs you can either purchase organic or regular unrefined coconut oil. Keep in mind that unrefined coconut oil is slightly more expensive than regular coconut oil as there is less supply available.

Use unrefined coconut oil topically to your scalp to prevent premature aging related to damaged hair and dry scalp. This natural hair treatment promotes the re-growth of damaged hair while acting as a natural conditioner.

Massage unrefined coconut oil into your skin to care for fine lines, wrinkles, and skin conditions such as dry skin, and infections. Premature aging is widely known to first manifest as fine lines and wrinkles; coconut oil however naturally treats premature aging by moisturizing and firming the skin while applying it’s antioxidant directly to the area’s that show aging first.

Cook with coconut cooking oil on a routine basis. The medicinal content of coconut oil promotes weight loss and fights a vast array if diseases.

Finally purchase unrefined coconut oil supplements for times where coconut cooking oil cannot be used. Depending upon your tastes and the potency of your coconut oil capsules you will usually consume 1-2 capsules per day. This will provide all of the antioxidants and acids contained in coconut that your body needs to fight disease and prevent premature aging.